• Art Expo AR

Art Expo AR an innovative tool solution for Art Exhibition Gallery and Museums.

An easy, practical and intuitive Augmented Reality app solution for art galleries and museums.

Taking a cold walk through Madrid, I have noticed with amazement that the line for the Prado Museum is closed and I become aware of my blue mask, the gel in my pockets, the two meters of social distance and my desire to contemplate The Garden of Earthly Delights, but we are in Pandemic mode.

Art galleries, museums around the world, major art exhibitions and events by new artists have been paused at the beginning of the Pandemic and subsequently closed due to the cruel outbreak of a virus that has put Art in check,waiting for solutions in this Quarantine.

The movements and actions of art galleries and museums have focused on presenting their works of art in 360 virtual tours; a spectacular tool that has been in development for a long time and that museums and art galleries are currently integrating into their web pages.These 360-degree tours transport us to a virtual to visit museums and galleries in all countries. Although digital does not replace the feeling of contemplating a live work, it can bring us closer to the museum space in an entertaining way.

But what about "teleporting" to a museum or art gallery from your mobile phone and placing an art exhibition in the comfort of your living room? It is the mission of Art Expo AR, a new innovative channel to expose works of art in Augmented Reality and place them in your living room or your location.

Art Expo AR, Art Exhibition in your room

We launched Art Expo AR, an augmented reality app that brings to live the art exhibition of our artist friends and public dominion arts into your place or your location. Our app is an innovative tool created to support artists and art galleries around the world.

Art Expo AR is an easy and intuitive app to use. Just install it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Following open Art Expo AR app, scan your floor, touch screen to place the art gallery and enjoy the art exhibition with all the artworks around you in 360 grades. Awesome.

The concept and mission of Art Expo AR is to exhibit tree multidisciplinary artists mixed with famous public dominion artworks by episodes in augmented reality. The Art Expo AR Eposide AR1, launched the app with Limber Vilorio (Art contemporary); Ajo Galvan (Digital Illustration) and Veronica Tenorio (Painting).

Install Art Expo AR for free and bring and enjoy your next art exhibition to your home.

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